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Frenzied Phony

Presented by ReFine Arts Productions

Audition Info:

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When – Saturday, April 13th 2pm-6pm.

Where – Dauntless Dance 3221 Houston Ave, Houston, TX 77009 (Also rehearsal location)

Show Location - MATCH Houston 3400 Main Street, Houston TX 77002

What to Bring – Just come in tight fitted clothing and shoes you are comfortable dancing in, or barefoot. Please no street shoes. We are renting the studio and want to keep the floor beautiful! Bring your resume and head shot. I will provide some audition forms when you get there. Come ready to list any and all conflicts you have with the show schedule (Show calendar at bottom of page) I am good at working around your schedule but need to know in advance! I will also try my best to give you as much notice on when you are called as possible. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.

Compensation - Dancers will be compensated according to experience and which role they receive. After auditions, if you are offered a roll your payment amount will shown.

Note – I highly suggest you study some of the old greats before coming to rehearsal. Gene Kelley, Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra, Jane Powell, Ginger Rogers, Jerry Lewis, etc. Also, if you have any extra talents (Juggling, contortion, baton twirling, acrobatics, circus acts, whatever!!!) Come prepared to show those as well!

Contact -  If you have any questions contact Melody Johnson.

Cell – 832-310-0803

Email –

 Show Description:

Set in the 1940’s, Ann Andrews is a member of the esteemed Vernon and Vernon Theater Company. She lives a fabulous life, traveling her talent all over the country. But upon learning that her handsome, debonair partner is paid far more than her measly amount, she hatches the plan to audition as a man. She returns as Aaron Andrews but is turned down. But Ann will not give up. She will keep coming back until she gets her part. Through wild and wacky events, she ends up performing as three different people in one show. Add to that the hilarity of multiple love triangles, and the hustle and bustle, glitz and glamour of a 1940’s Broadway-style show, you’ll be coming back for more! Study up on your Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Jane Powell, Danny Kaye and Frank Sinatra, and come audition!

Character Descriptions:

Ann (Aaron/Anthony) Andrews –

A young, energetic and stubborn women in the prime of her show business career. She is sweet and fun, but just as wily and determined.

 Looking for a Lucille Ball type character. Must have excellent acting abilities. Dance styles will include ballet, pas de deux, ballroom, modern, contemporary, vaudeville and stunts. (May also include pointe, tap and acrobatics)

 Jeffrey Jones –

Ann’s dance partner. Handsome, talented, charming, flirtatious, self-absorbed… a world class jerk.

A good-looking man who can charm the ladies and portray a ridiculous amount of confidence and egotism. Must have strong acting abilities. Dance styles will include ballet, pas de deux, ballroom, modern and contemporary. (May also include tap)

Danny Davis –

An upbeat, down-on his luck, hilarious, lovable, vaudeville performer. Goofy and awkward. Caring towards everyone and everyone’s favorite guy! Performs with Anthony Andrews as a slapstick, vaudeville duo.

Need the type of guy who can always be the center of attention without trying. A fun, lovable face and very charismatic. Must have excellent acting abilities. Looking for a Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Charlie Chaplin, Dick Van Dyke character. Dance styles will include ballroom, modern, contemporary, vaudeville, stunts and acrobatics. (May also include tap)

 Linda Lewis –

Linda Lewis is a showgirl with the Vernon and Vernon theater company.  She is pretty, but not so smart, and will chase after anything in pants. She causes all kinds of zany trouble when she falls for someone who she thinks is a man.

Must have strong acting abilities. Dance styles will include ballet, pas de deux, modern, contemporary. (May also include pointe)

Core -

Core dancers will fill out the cast of the Vernon and Vernon theater company. All lending to an elaborate, beautiful, upbeat Broadway-style show. Looking for 3 males and 3 females. Dance styles will include ballet, pas de deux, ballroom, modern, contemporary. (May include tap and other various talents that people bring to auditions!)

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