Support the Arts!


 In 2015 I started ReFine Arts in a tiny little Black box theater that seated 50 people. With $200 and the help of a few friends we put together our first show, Reconstructing Alice. After that we moved to a worn-down old theater in Houston and started to make a name for ourselves. All the dancers were volunteer and all the money for shows was scraped together by yours truly. It has always been a labor of love, with most shows losing money. If you are an artist you know it is for the love of the art, never for the money. For the past three years I have put about 80% of all the money I earn into ReFine Arts. And well worth it.

In 2017 we became a non-profit organization. Our audiences have grown tremendously. Today we have the opportunity to perform in a beautiful theater, dancers are paid for putting their time, bodies and health on the line and we have had lots of wonderful opportunities to bring exciting, original shows to the community. However, the cost of putting shows together is overwhelming and ReFine Arts is unable to continue without your help. If you have seen and enjoyed a ReFine Arts show and would like to see more, please consider donating. We will be pleased to recognize our generous donors in our playbill.

We have an upcoming event on Nov. 16th, giving all of you the opportunity to enjoy more performances by ReFine Arts artists, eat good food, dance the night away and support the arts. Your donations, big or small, would be so appreciated in helping us continue our work. One hundred percent of the donations will go to bringing you a new show! This time we plan to bring you something different then what you have seen before from ReFine Arts. Fun, light-hearted, family comedy set in an old musical style. Come on November 16th to find out more!